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Enchanting Lake Novate and Mera River: powerful nature, history and legend


Elevation gain: 400 m  

Duration: about 5 hours 

Hike difficulty level: E

Stunning excursion in one of the most enchanting and secluded places of this magic area among Mera river and Lake Novate.

We will first follows a section of the ancient path that use to connect Como and the Norther part of Lake Como and Valchiavenna. Than we will navigate a trail that crosses cestnut forests, old bridges, narrow valley up and down all way long and finally we will get to a shady flat path just on the side of the river that will take us straight to San Fedelino, a little pictoresque romanic church located in a little clearing on Mera river bank.


Return to Dascio by boat. We will get very close to the impressive rocky side and wild coasts of Lake Novate.

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